Inspire Others!

Everyday FatihHere is your opportunity to INSPIRE others. Share a story, an article, a link on the web, a helpful resource (video, book, etc) that connects with the theme of EVERY DAY FAITH.   

Tell what God is doing in or through you or your church as you focus on reading the scriptures, praying intentionally, giving generously and sharing life and faith with those who need to hear the Good News of God’s love for them. 

How has time spent in the Word of God challenged your spiritual walk? 

Have you encountered God is a very real way as you have prayed? 

Maybe you have a story of how yours or someone else’s generosity has impacted your life or our world.

Have you recently shared your faith with someone and seen God transform their life, their family? 

Take a few moments to share what is happening in your life or your church community, so your story can influence others.

Go, Share Your Story


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Your Opportunity to Share and Inspire Others