Below are a selection of featured resources that can be helpful as you seek to live out an every day type of faith.


Experience Your BibleExperience Your Bible
Josh and Sean McDowell

See it. Study it. Do it. Maybe you’re one of the many Christians who focus on reading and applying the Scriptures. Only thing is…God has far more for you than that. In Experience Your Bible, Josh and Sean McDowell delve into God’s original design for the Scriptures-revealing Himself to you so you can experience Him and a deepened relationship with others. When you experience your Bible, you experience its author and discover the only true source of wisdom, meaning, and fulfillment in life. ISBN 9780736928731

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Praying PromisesThe One Year Praying the Promises of God
Cheri Fuller

Explore God’s promises each and every day and encourage them to reflect on how God’s hand is evident if we only look for it.
ISBN 9781414341057

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Our Daily Bread-NLT Devotional BibleOur Daily Bread
For over 50 years Our Daily Bread has touched the hearts and lives of millions of readers. Now, for the first time, the most widely used devotional in the English language is available as a daily devotional Bible. Featuring 365 devotions, this Bible offers the reader a way to spend time in God’s Word and find deeper meaning every day. 9781414361963

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Study BibleThe Life Application Study Bible one of today’s best selling study Bibles, contains notes that not only explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times, but go a step further to show you how to “take it personally,” as God’s Word speaks to every situation and circumstance of your life! It’s the one Bible resource that incorporates today’s top scholarship in answering your real-life questions and includes nearly 10,000 Life Application notes and features designed to help readers apply God’s truth to everyday life. (Available in NIV, NLT, NKJV, KJV)

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Fire Bible for KidsFire Bible

The Fire Bible for Kids is based on a firm belief that anyone who accepts Christ today can experience the same power of His Holy Spirit that launched the Church in the second chapter of Acts. The power of the Holy Spirit that we read about in the Bible is a blueprint for everyone who follows Jesus. Our goal in creating this Bible is to provide tools that will help you be filled with the presence of God’s mighty power in your life. Filled 1200 study notes, illustrations, book introductions, maps and many more helpful aids. Available in NIV or NKJV.

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Action BibleThe Action Bible

The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax. The stories in The Action Bible communicate clearly and forcefully to contemporary readers. This compelling blend of clear writing plus dramatic images offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries. Ages 9-12

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The Action Bible DevotionalAction Bible Devo

The Action Bible Devotional pairs selected stories from The Action Bible with spiritual lessons and action-adventure missions in a 52-week devotional that launches kids’ faith into everyday life. Whether they’re drawing their own Bible story comics, dreaming up a list of life goals, or reaching out to a lonely kid at school, kids will say goodbye to Bible boredom with daily readings and activities based on the intersection of Scripture and children’s everyday reality. Ages 9-12

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Jesus CallingJesus Calling- Bible Story Book
From the best-selling author of Jesus Calling comes an engaging book combining 60 Bible stories with kid-friendly devotions and charming illustrations. By learning how God’s amazing plan unfolds through Jesus—and how all of Scripture centers around him—your 4- to 7-year-olds will see how much God loves them and how Jesus speaks in their lives today! ISBN 9781400320332

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Creature of the Word: The Christ Centred ChurchCreature
Discover how to saturate your church’s theology, culture, and practices in the gospel! The Reformers knew that the good news is more than just a piece of Christianity—it’s the very foundation of our faith. Examining the scriptural beauty of a Jesus-centered experience, the authors provide clear and practical steps for focusing your worship on Christ. 256 pages, softcover from B&H. ISBN 9781433678622

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The Jesus Blueprint 

Founder of Lionshare & Facilitator of NetDMCSharing faith daily is about living intentionally as disciple-makers.  In The Jesus Blueprint, Dave Buehring shares Jesus’ heart and practice of disciple-making as well as practical “how-to’s” for cultivating disciple-making communities and reproducing disciple-makers. He also introduces readers to the Dozen Domains and the impact disciple-making can have upon society in the days ahead.   Punctuated by forty short essays from church and societal leaders, The Jesus Blueprint will challenge and equip you to realign to His original world-changing plan!  The Jesus Blueprint draws on Dave’s 35 years of experience as a deliberate disciple-maker.

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TheBibleMiniSeriesTHE BIBLE on DVD.  Bible reading come alive in new ways when accompanied by compelling visuals.  Sunday, March 3rd is the launch of THE BIBLE, an epic 5-part, 10-hour mini-series, made for TV, by executive producers and husband and wife team Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel).  This series, which concludes on Easter Sunday is breathtaking in scope and scale and features powerful performances and visual effects spanning Genesis to Revelation, designed to reach a younger generation and grab the attention of those unfamiliar with the Bible. It is Mark and Roma’s desire that by telling these emotionally connected sacred stories that millions of people will reopen their Bibles and engage God’s story in a new and personal way.  Pre-order this series in DVD from now through Wordcom Christian Resources.  Release date is April 2, 2013.  Wordcom Price:  $55.99

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Accompanying Products:  
BK1562063_mA Story Of God And All of Us -Novel a sweeping narrative that dramatizes some of the most important events and characters in the Bible in novel form.  Includes many prominent biblical characters including Moses, David, Daniel, John the Baptist and of course, Jesus. The book reveals the prophetic significance of the empires that occupied Israel (Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians and Romans) and how these figured into biblical prophecy, especially concerning the Messiah.Wordcom Prices $21.50 (Adult version), $14.50  (Youth Version) – Available now.

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BK1562363_mA Story Of God And All of Us Devotional– 100 devotionals based upon content from the newly created 10-hour mini-series THE BIBLE.  Devotionals begin with the creation of man and end with the revelation of a new world.  Readers will revel in this epic saga of warriors, rebels, poets, and kings, all called upon by God to reveal His enduring love for mankind. Ultimately, God’s plan is fulfilled in the story of Jesus, the Messiah, whose life, death and resurrection brings salvation to one and all.Wordcom Price $15.50. Available now.

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Grad'sGuideThe Grad’s Guide to Choosing Well: Wisdom for Life On Your Own

A helpful gift for a post-secondary student, at any time of the year or as they head off to university. This table-top book contains a wealth of Christian guidance as it explores tough issues and temptations teens and young adults will likely face in the post-secondary world. It offers hope, truth and inspiration rooted in biblical wisdom.

Using Proverbs 3:5-6 as a foundation for making choices and setting priorities in daily life, it encourages young people to seek God’s will, set priorities, and have a deeper relationship with Him. This easy-to-read approach helps students understand the power of the decisions they make today and the impact those decisions can have on who they will become.

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The Circle Maker & Praying Circles Around Your ChildrenCircle maker
Mark Batterson
Do you ever sense that there’s far more to prayer, and to God’s vision for your life, than what you’re experiencing? It’s time you learned from the legend of Honi the Circle Maker—a man bold enough to draw a circle in the sand and not budge from inside it until God answered his prayers for his people. What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around? Sharing inspiring stories from his own experiences as a circle maker, Mark Batterson will help you uncover your heart’s deepest desires and God-given dreams and unleash them through the kind of audacious prayer that God delights to answer. ISBN 9780310333029

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If You Will AskIf You Will Ask
Oswald Chambers

At the deepest level, the reason we pray is not for God to answer us, but for us to know who God is–to be intimately and powerfully connected to Him. If You Will Ask: Reflections on the Power of Prayer offers biblical truth and insights to help believers develop and nourish the life of God within them. It emphasizes the importance of God-centered prayer through total reliance on the Holy Spirit. This book encourages readers to re-assess their personal prayer life, remove the boundaries that limit and interfere with their connection to God, and charge the atmosphere with the power of prayer. ISBN  9781572935150

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Jesus CallingJesus Calling
Sarah Young

After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to be more attentive to the Savior’s voice and began listening for what He was saying. With pen in hand she embarked on a journey that forever changed her along with many others. ISBN 9781591451884

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Teen Edition

Jesus Calling-Teen edition
Sarah Young

Is your teen’s devotional time limited to prayer requests? Young’s used to be, until she began the practice of waiting on God to receive and record his answers—and her monologue became a dialogue. Your 12- to 17-year-olds will experience a greater sense of Jesus’ peace while reading these messages paired with Scripture. (Same content as adult edition.)
ISBN 9781400321681

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Power of a Praying LifePower of Praying
Stormie Omartian
The Power of a Praying Life shows readers how to approach God with confidence and helps them understand how they can make their life work through the power of a prayer filled life. In just 30 short chapters Stormie Omartian uses Scripture and personal transparency to guide you toward a path of guilt free living and a life-changing faith in God. ISBN 9780736926881

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Sun Stand StillSun Stand Still: What happens when you Dare to ask God for the Impossible
Steve Furtick
The pastor of one of America’s fastest-growing churches posts a manifesto for “audacious faith” based on the bold battle prayer in Joshua 10. Through biblical evidence and real-life experiences, Furtick shows you what happens when ordinary believers move beyond “purpose” to passion—and asking God for the impossible becomes a normal way of life!  ISBN 9781601423221

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The Ultimate ConversationUltimate Conversation
Charles Stanley
In The Ultimate Conversation, Charles Stanley focuses his attention on the great privelege and joy of prayer. Through prayer, you can know God better, and experience His wisdom, comfort, power, and guidance to face any trials that come your way. You’ll learn that God desires to communicate with you, to deepen His relationship with you and show you His love. And as you pray more deeply, you’ll learn to hear His voice more clearly. ISBN 9781439190654

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throw and tell prayer ball 120wThrow and Tell® Prayer Ball

This colorful, inflatable ball includes 53 prayer prompts and discussion starters. It’s a fun way for kids to learn more about poverty, each other–and what they can do for impoverished people around the world! Let kids toss the ball back and forth. Then when you call “time,” the student holding the ball reads aloud what’s written under his or her left thumb. 24″ inflatable ball. Wordcom Price $9.99

MentorsLifeGiving Mentors
Tim Elmore
Growing Leaders Inc Publication Mentoring is vogue today. People everywhere are interested in mentoring relationships. Sadly, it is also vague today. Most don’t have a model for how to experience “life-giving” relationships. Faculty, staff, corporate leaders, government leaders and church leaders continue to wonder: *How do I find a mentor? *How do I select someone to mentor? *What should be our focus in a mentoring relationship? *What does this generation really need? *How do I confront a personality conflict? *How do I bring about life-change in someone? *What can I do to help our organization begin mentoring relationships? This resource, Life Giving Mentors-A Guide for Investing Your Life in Others, is an encyclopedia on the subject. It was first created under the title: Mentoring: How to Invest Your Life in Others thirteen years ago. This edition has been updated and expanded with new chapters containing the latest research and creative ideas to make it a revolutionary new resource. ISBN 7770200001208

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Dave Ramsey

Your company is only as strong as your leaders. These are the men and women doing battle daily beneath the banner that is your brand. Are they courageous or indecisive? Are they serving a motivated team or managing employees? Are they valued? Your team will never grow beyond you, so here’s another question to consider. Are you growing? Whether you’re sitting at the CEO’s desk, the middle manager’s cubicle, or a card table in your living-room-based startup, EntreLeadership provides the practical, step-by-step guidance to grow your business where you want it to go. Dave opens up his championship playbook for business to show you how to: * Inspire your team to take ownership and love what they do * Unify your team and get rid of all gossip * Handle money to set your business up for success * Reach every goal you set. 9781451617856

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Live to Give

Live to Give

Austin Gutwein

Want to do something for God but don’t know what? Want to help others but don’t know who? Want to know what it is you’re really good at doing? Your gifts may feel small and insignificant. But God can use them to work a miracle! Inspired by the biblical story of the feeding of the 5,000, Live to Give delivers a message of hope that we all have something to give. Written in the down-to-earth, candid voice of the gifted young man who as a kid founded a relief ministry that has saved and improved countless lives in Africa, Live to Give is the message that every teen needs to hear: You are more special than you know, and you can do big things. Jesus proved that no gift is too small when He used five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd of thousands. And if no gift is too small, too ordinary, or too random, there is no limit to what the youth of today can accomplish! A teenage philanthropist who has built a high school, two medical clinics, and a dormitory in Africa-all before the age of 16-Austin Gutwein shares how to take what may seem like the simplest of talents, gifts, and interests and use them for something Jesus can use to move mountains.  ISBN  9781400319930

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Give to LiveGive To Live

John Wesley was fond of saying, “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” It is great advice, but someone has observed that the strategy of most Christians today is to “Earn all you can, can all you get, sit on the lid.” Unfortunately, generosity does not come naturally to most of us, yet it is the first principle of economics in God’s kingdom. Time after time, God’s Word instructs us to be generous with what we have. When we do so, we honor God, impact others, and receive a blessing in the process. In this timely and practical book, veteran senior pastor Stan Toler motivates and equips Christians to practice a lifestyle of generosity. Readers will understand the biblical principle of generosity, learn to trust God with their lives and finances, discover practical ways to move toward a lifestyle of generosity, realize the impact their generosity can make on the world, and experience the blessing that comes from giving to others. The book includes a full study guide with small group discussion notes and questions for each chapter.  ISBN 9780898275957

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The Treasure PrincipleTreasure Principle
Randy Alcorn

Bestselling author Randy Alcorn introduced readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity with the release of the original The Treasure Principle in 2001. Now the revision to the compact, perennial bestseller includes a provocative new concluding chapter depicting God asking a believer questions about his stewardship over material resources. Readers are moved from the realms of thoughtful Bible exposition into the highly personal arena of everyday life. Because when Jesus told His followers to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” He intended that they discover an astounding secret: how joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure. Discover a joy more precious than gold!  ISBN 9781590525081

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Contagious GenerosityContagious Generosity

Chris Willard/Jim Sheppard

What does it look like when pastors cultivate a culture of generosity in the church by actively teaching and mentoring people in the spiritual act of giving? Part of the Leadership Network Innovations Series, Contagious Generosity highlights the best practices gleaned from real-life church leadership situations and shows how church leaders can effectively cultivate a culture of generous giving in the local church. It explains why some churches are experiencing unexplainable ministry growth and unprecedented church funding … even in the midst of tough economic times. ISBN 9780310893134

The Grace of Giving: Unleashing the Power of a Generous Heart 

Che Ahn Grace of Giving book

What does biblical prosperity have to do with giving? While it is clear from Scripture that God desires to prosper His children materially, the Word’s emphasis is not on amassing personal wealth but on having a generous heart like the Father’s. Ché Ahn believes that God desires to prosper His people, and that He will do so as they trust His grace to provide for their needs and seek to reflect His giving, blessing image. This happens as believers repent of the hindrances of mind and heart that motivate them to grasp at wealth in unhealthy and self-defeating ways. The Grace of Giving guides readers to tear down the idols of wealth and poverty and to flourish in God’s presence and provision. ISBN 9780830765492


Francis Chan

Multiply is designed to help you think through your role as a disciple maker, and to give you a simple resource that you can use to begin making disciples. The material found in this volume will give you the confidence and encouragement you need to step out in faith and make disciples out of the people that God has placed in your life.  ISBN 9780781408233

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Deep And WideDeep and Wide
Andy Stanley
Create a church movement in your local community that will impact the world! Stanley identifies some of the key strategies and insights behind North Point’s success. He illustrates how to appeal to many—casting a wide net; while helping people to mature spiritually—growing deep roots. Includes inspirational stories of God’s actions at North Point and its partners. ISBN 9780310494843

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Center ChurchCenter Church
Timothy Keller

Many pastors struggle to translate their theological beliefs into fruitful ministry in the places they are called to reach. It’s not enough to simply know what to believe (theology) or, on the other hand, how to do ministry (methodology)—they need something in between. They need help thinking about ministry in a culture that no longer believes Christianity is a force for good, let alone the source of ultimate revealed truth in the person of Christ. Center Church, a collection of twelve essays by Timothy Keller, outlines a theological vision for ministry that is organized around three core commitments: Gospel-centered; City-centered; Movement-centered.  ISBN 9780310494188

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The Art of NeighboringThe Art of Neighboring

Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors. They talked to them, had cook-outs with them, and went to church with them. In our time of unprecedented mobility and increasing isolationism, it’s hard to make lasting connections with those who live right outside our front door. We have hundreds of “friends” through online social networking, but we often don’t even know the full name of the person who lives right next door.

This unique and inspiring book asks the question: What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live on my street or in my apartment building? Through compelling true stories of lives impacted, the authors show readers how to create genuine friendships with the people who live in closest proximity to them. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make this book perfect for small groups or individual study. ISBN: 9780801014598

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A Discipleship Journey is a Scripturally sound, proven and practical resource to Journeyaid individuals, leaders and churches in obeying Jesus’ command to ‘make disciples’. It provides you with a deliberate one-year formational journey which can result in real life transformation when used as a tool to apply Scripture, walking in relationship with others and obeying what the Holy Spirit is revealing. And, in the end, it equips you with the ability to reproduce disciple-makers for the rest of your life! By Dave Buehring Journal  and/or  10 session DVD

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New BelieverThe New Believers Handbook

Asking Jesus into your life is the most important decision you’ll make. This easy to follow handbook will help you get off to a great start as a new Christian.

How do you share the next step after salvation? This booklet lays a firm foundation for new Christians to build their faith. Its easy-to-read style is organized by questions every new Christian wonders: What happened to me? Where do I go from here? What does God expect of me? How can I understand the Bible? How can I pray effectively? How can I know the will of God? What are the two baptisms?

The answers are clear and point to the Bible for more discovery. It’s the booklet you want to give every person who comes to salvation through your ministry…and it’s economical enough to do it!

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The New Believer’s Friend HandbookFriend

This easy to follow handbook gives you insights on how to welcome new believers into the family of God and your church.

Bring the power of mentoring into new believers’ lives and they will become more solidly planted in biblical truth. Use this book with its companion, New Believer’s Handbook, to set up a mentoring program for new believers’ first week of faith. Simply provide mentors with this guidebook and when people make a decision for Christ through one of your services or ministries, provide them with the companion book and match them with a mentor.

The New Believer’s Friend Handbook will prepare mentors by discussing the role and goal of a new believer’s friend. It’s easy to read and includes chapter outlines and study questions with answers for each chapter of the New Believer’s Handbook.

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Transformational Discipleship: How People Really GrowTransformational
Christians are craving to “go deeper.” But how? Combining research, wisdom, and stories from those who’ve succeeded in answering Jesus’ call to make disciples, this resource explores the intentional efforts needed to foster an environment in which the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit together will help people grow in their faith.  ISBN 9781433678547

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5L workplaceThe 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.  In the month of February, Valentine’s Day can cause us to draw attention to those around us who we care for.  In sharing our lives with others, it can be extremely helpful to know what even our co-workers appreciate and what they will respond to best.  People express and receive appreciation in different ways.  Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White identify these as the five languages of appreciation.
If you desire to have a healthy staff and a comfortable environment where appreciation flows from a generous heart, this book is full of helpful insights and practical steps to make any workplace environment, even a church office or ministry centre, a more encouraging and productive place to be. Share this book with your team or get it for a spouse or friend.  Email us for competitive and/or bulk pricing 

The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective
Ideal for a small group study and for personal study, this book is driven by the question, “What does the Scripture say about the Holy Spirit?” Preeminent scholar Anthony D. Palma looks to the Bible for a thorough understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Three major areas are explored and tested by Palma: a presentation of the commonly held theological beliefs regarding the Holy Spirit, an in-depth exploration of the Pentecostal teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and a discussion of the nature of spiritual gifts and whether the extraordinary gifts were withdrawn after the first century. Each part draws from the original languages and effectively fuses theology to everyday experience. This solidly biblical perspective of the Holy Spirit is a powerful addition to your library for you, your staff, and your congregation. Wordcom Price:  $21.99

Living in the Spirit KitLiving in The Spirit

Don’t be content with memories of past encounters with the Spirit. You can walk in the fullness of God today. This collection of perspectives from General Superintendent George Wood reaffirms the truths, values, and commitment that inspired our Pentecostal forefathers with penetrating insight and practical instruction for living in the Spirit today.  With a faithfulness to our Fellowship’s heritage along with an openness to its future, Living in the Spirit brings you a refreshing look at the unique challenges and opportunities for Spirit- filled individuals and the entire Church.

Kit includes:  Teaching DVD & CD-Rom,  Discussion DVD & CD-Rom. Kids Sessions CD-Rom w/Bonus DVD-Rom, Living in the Spirit Book, Coordinator’s Guide.  Wordcom Price: $115.99

Pentecostal LibraryPentecostal Library
Great news for preachers and teachers! The writings of Stanley M. Horton had never before been available in a WORDsearch format. Now they are.

This is a virtual library of excellent resources for an affordable price. The CD-ROM collection of books by Horton gives you a powerful research and study tool for sermon preparation. The Pentecostal Library for WORDsearch 8 is a stand-alone tool that requires no extra software. Materials are searchable and can easily be cut and pasted into Word documents or presentation software.  Books include Systematic Theology, What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit, Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective, Acts, and 1 & 2 Corinthians. Additional helps include: Smith’s Bible Dictionary, New Testament History, With Christ in the School of Prayer, Bible Lands Map Set, Nave’s Topics, and Morning and Evening Daily Devotionals. Plus, extra Bible versions and 175 books available for download!  Wordcom Price: $62.99

Canadian PentecostalsCanadian Pentecostals

Canadian Pentecostals trace their history from the most significant religious event in the 20th century – the rediscovery of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Today, Pentecostals comprise the largest group of Protestants in the world. In less than 100 years, the Pentecostal message has been carried to “the ends of the earth.” This book narrates the beginnings of the movement in Canada. It is a story filled with demonstrations of personal sacrifice and commitment, as well as the dramatic interventions of the Holy Spirit.  Wordcom Price: $19.95

INsourcing bookINsourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church 

Randy Pope
In many churches, the primary objective of the church—discipleship of people into mature followers of Jesus—has been “outsourced” to programs and large-scale efforts to train and teach. But is that happening? Are people growing in spiritual depth and missional determination?  To read more, click here ISBN 9780310490678

Welcome to CollegeWelcome to College

Jonathan Morrow takes teens behind the scenes to help them grapple with tough campus issues. With lots of new experiences, college students need help and inspiration for growing and sharing their faith. College, more than any other experience in a young person’s life, helps to determine what kind of person he or she will be in the future.

This engaging guide is packed with advice on all manner of issues, from dating, syllabus shock, alcohol, movies, taking out loans, faith and learning, the Internet, homework, and resisting temptation, to avoiding the temptation to just “check out” spiritually while in school. Each chapter has a “Big Ideas” section that summarizes the chapter and a handy list of related resources. Morrow gives personal advice and anecdotes, draws examples from Scripture, and offers additional resources for further insights. Discussion questions are included for further study.

Resources available through Wordcom
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