PAOC Strategic Initiative

Pentecostals across Canada are diverse in many ways. We are male and female, young, middle-aged and old, rural and urban, and we represent multiple cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of us have been involved in church life from birth while others are newly connected to God’s family.
With all this diversity, it’s good to remember the things we have in common and our foundation as a family of faith.

We believe this shared life we have in Christ calls for certain core practices.

Whatever our gender, personality or ethnicity, we are called to read God’s Word, to pray, to give, and to share our faith—every day. These core practices of a follower of Jesus are what we, as leaders of our Pentecostal family, are calling each of us to exercise as Every Day Faith.


My desire is that, as Christ followers, we will:


Read iconRead Every Day so we become disciplined followers of Jesus, grounded in the Word of God
Pray iconPray Every Day and develop an intimate relationship with the Lord, marked by lives of continual prayer 
Give iconGive Every Day, being generous with all we have and do, just as the Lord has been to us 
Share iconShare Every Day, empowered by the Spirit to be Christ’s witnesses in word and deed


David WellsI am convinced that this is what our daily lives must look like as Christ’s disciples. I want everyone I know to experience the joy of being His witness! We can reverse existing discipleship trends and see the body of Christ strengthened and empowered. Let’s live out Every Day Faith.

David WellsGeneral Superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

Click here for a special message from David Wells regarding this initiative as appeared in the December 2012 edition of testimony, the monthly publication of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.