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Give Every Day is not just another program or project, but a new stewardship mindset for our PAOC family. We believe that by working together, individuals, families and churches with bold generosity and prayerful commitment to Give Every Day will accomplish great things locally, nationally and globally.

We desire for Give Every Day to be a tool for the local church to use to motivate believers to generosity.  As we identify opportunities for missional opportunities and strategic stewardship, we will realize the potential our PAOC family has as we work together. If we think in terms of one dollar a day, it doesn’t sound like much, yet it can make an incredible difference in the world, when joined with others. When you break it down, it is really quite overwhelming to realize:  if each one of the adult members of our PAOC family sowed a one dollar seed for missions every day, our missions budget would double and we would reap a world-transforming harvest of $60 million a year. 

What if we gave of our time in a similar manner through our participation in local outreach, intentional discipleship, short term mission teams or even a full-time missions placement in Canada or around the globe.  Giving Every Day is about returning a portion of what we have been blessed with back to God, for His purposes in impacting the Kingdom.

Newest Video About Give Every Day

Video introducing Give Every Day

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Personal Give Every Day Video Message from David Wells

View the Give Every Day Video Message from David Wells on Youtube

Give Every Day Video Message from Michele Bisaillon, Superintendent of the PAOC District of Quebec

View the Give Every Day Video Message from Michele Bisaillon on Youtube

PAOC’s ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas) is Feeding Children in Zimbabwe

View ERDO’s video on Feeding Children in Zimbabwe on Youtube

John Ippolito, Pastor Laval Christian Assembly, Laval QC Secretrary Treasurer of the PAOC Quebec District

View the Give Every Day Video Message from John Ippolito on Youtube

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