Answered Prayer for Grandma’s Healing

Answered Prayer for Grandma’s Healing

by Stacey McKenzie

Myra experienced miraculous healing in her left eye after an accident with a nerf gun while playing with her grandchildren last spring. Her two-year-old grandson accidentally aimed in her direction, seriously injuring her; her 4-year-old grandson automatically went into prayer mode, which she believes resulted in her healing. Here is their story.

Every weekend Myra and her husband, Wayne, make their way from Mississauga to Waterloo to help their daughter and son-in-law take care of their three children, Lincoln, 4, Landon, 2, and Aurora, four months. Their days, especially during the winter, are usually filled baths, fun dinner times, play times in their playroom with a ball, jungle gym, a slide, or games. On this particular Sunday morning, Myra was up at 6:00 a.m. with Landon, the two-year-old, who always gets up early. Lincoln had received a nerf gun for his birthday the day before, and they were excited to play with it. Myra was re-setting the gun for them to take turns shooting, sitting on the end of the couch, while they were standing in the middle of the couch.

Suddenly, Myra felt a sharp sting in her eye, as if something hit it. She fell to the floor, holding her eye. Lincoln immediately ran over, put his hand on her eye, and started praying. It seems that Landon accidentally aimed the dart at his grandma. Lincoln prayed, “Thank You, Jesus, for Nanny’s eye. Make it all better.” Lincoln is known for his sensitivity to people who may be in any kind of distress or pain, and spontaneously offering to pray for them.

Realizing that her vision was completely lost in the eye, Myra and her husband set out for the emergency room. They drove from Waterloo to Milton and were seen and discharged within 90 minutes. Myra had developed a blood clot which was covering the entire pupil, blocking her vision (a condition called hyphema). Left untreated, the condition causes long-term damage. The attending doctor commented that he had never seen damage like Myra’s before, and brought in three of his colleagues to observe her condition. He referred to it as a “textbook case.” He sent her to Burlington to see an eye surgeon, as he knew she would need special care if she was to see out of that eye again. Myra was really disappointed that she could not leave the next day for her planned work week at General Conference in Victoria, B.C., and was concerned on hearing her diagnosis.

On visiting with the surgeon the same day, he said it was very serious—she could not go to work for at least a week. She would need to rest and avoid sudden movements or any kind of lifting. Because of the size of the blood clot, Myra was at high risk for a second set of bleeding, which would require surgery—something that the doctor warned would not be a positive experience. Myra was concerned about the long-term effect of the incident on her eye, but by that same evening, about 90 per cent of her vision returned. She continued with her weekly visits to the surgeon. He monitored her eye pressure and the blood clot, which progressively shrank.

During that time, Myra coincidentally returned to the hospital for another issue, and met with the same doctor who originally examined her. He recognized her and was completely surprised at how fast her recovery process was proceeding. He took pictures of both of her eyes and said he would be doing a presentation on her case, because it was so unique.

Myra was able to end the visits with the surgeon after four weeks, and her eye is almost completely back to normal (99.9%). Myra attributes her speedy recovery to the immediate prayer that was offered up by her four-year-old grandson, who attends children’s church each Sunday and learns about God regularly from both of his parents. Lincoln’s prayer was short, but effective, and Myra believes that God’s answer to his simple prayer is the reason she did not experience long-term damage.

“When children see faith and prayer modeled by the adults in their homes or elsewhere, they are very likely to imitate what they see, and it can have a great impact not only in their lives, but in the lives of the adults around them.”

As Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children” (NLT). Any step of faith you take to pray with your children or to read Bible stories to them can help them develop faith like Lincoln. Click here for ideas on how you can pray with or for your children.



Stacey McKenzie is the testimony/Enrich editor and publications manager with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada’s International Office in Mississauga, Ont. Myra (last name withheld) is the accounting manager. Photo ©


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