Healing Breakthrough in Bothwell, Ontario

by Jenny Svetec

Healing Breakthrough in Bothwell, Ontario

Bob Dietz has known the goodness of God throughout his life. At 40, he was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia and given four to fourteen years by the oncologist. That was 27 years ago. Just six years ago, Bob fell down the stairs and broke his neck. To the doctor’s shock, the Lord healed him overnight. He was discharged from hospital, leaving the radiologists shaking their heads at X-rays which showed a cervical fracture and then, nothing, in less than 24 hours.

In the past eight months, Bob has undergone a terrible season of pain. For over eight years, he had been suffering with massive leg infections, which would flare up with ulcerative sores and keep him out of work for many months at a time.

Last February, Bob entered his local hospital in excruciating pain, his legs black and horribly swollen, his limbs resembling mangled minced meat, as infection raged with massive open wounds. He was quickly ambulanced to London’s Victoria Hospital. There, doctors grimly concluded amputation was urgently needed. The infection was threatening Bob’s life. Both legs would need to be removed.

Despite his agony, Bob politely declined surgery and reached for God’s prognosis instead. After calling his pastor, Rev. James Revie to his side, Bob requested his wife, Helena, to alert Christian friends in Canada and the States to pray, believing Jesus, the Healer, to give a clear answer to this demand for amputation.

Dr. Power, Bob’s vascular surgeon, agreed to administer medicine and hold steady for a bit longer. Pastor James and his wife, Wendy, stormed heaven in prayer and provided Bob a healing CD with scriptures as well as pages of God’s medicine, scriptures about healing, to read daily. The church kept praying.

The results were miraculous. Within a week, Bob was discharged from hospital. Within a few months, the gaping wounds healed, then muscle formed, and finally, new skin came.

Dr. Power’s team were astounded by the results. Instead of preparing the skin graft process, Dr. Power noted with pleasure that in all his years of practice, he had never seen such horribly infected legs come back so amazingly well. Bob’s new skin was much better than any synthetic grafts the doctors could attempt to provide.
Happily, Bob returned to work, months earlier than expected, telling everyone he knew what God had done, how the Lord had healed his legs.

For Helena, life had been difficult, as she coped with Bob’s illness. As Bob was recovering, illness suddenly struck Helena. Unexplainable cysts formed on her neck and then she was diagnosed with diabetes. Nursing her husband, stressed, yet determined to trust in God, Helena spent each morning declaring God’s healing Word, a practice she continues daily.

Within weeks, Helena was now the patient to amaze her doctors. Before the specialist appointment could arrive, all four cysts had disappeared. A diabetic nurse, Gini Cook, who had been following Helena’s battle with diabetes, joyfully hugged Helena at the results of her latest blood work, stating, “if only all her patients could have such great results!”

Presently, Helena’s medication is cut in half, and her diabetes monitored weekly instead of daily, as Helena trusts for complete healing. “I am so thankful,” Helena admits, “God is so very kind. I stay thankful every day. I choose to live praising God for everything, every little thing, and just look at all He has done.”

Pastor James is delighted with the couple’s healing, proclaiming “If God can do this for Bob and Helena, He can do this for anyone.” Recently, as Pastor James and his wife continue to share the power of God to heal and the surety of trusting His Word with their congregation, Evangel Pentecostal Tabernacle in Bothwell, Ontario, another woman was healed of blood clots and tumours in her uterus. The healing testimonies continue to be shared.

“That’s how God’s Word works,” Pastor Revie enthused. “Jesus will heal our every disease if we trust in Him and declare His Word.” Bob agrees. “There has been absolutely nothing in my life where God hasn’t stepped into my aid. God is just always there for us.”

When asked how to counsel another person facing serious chronic illness, Bob laughed with joy, “What could I say? I would praise God. If you do the same—read His Word, obey His commands and expect His goodness, you will see His healing in your life. It’s certain.”

In Bothwell, Ontario, the Word is getting out. People are being healed. God is certainly getting the reputation He deserves, as the Good Healer who can heal everything. Bob and Helena are living proof.



Jenny Svetec is a freelancer who lives in Terrebonne, Quebec.

Photo courtesy Bob and Helena Dietz.


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