Reflecting the Power of Generosity

HaitiStrong: Update from the Bergerons reflects the Power of Generosity
Mission Haiti Takes Off

BergeronsPascal Bergeron was in Haiti between January 6 and January 14, 2014. He traveled with Blair Colliver, ERDO’s new director of international programs, and Mark Crocker, the current Haiti project co-ordinator and international development coach to the Bergerons. The purpose of the trip was to visit the projects in which ERDO invested since the January 2010 earthquake, reconnect with local partners, and initiate new development projects. It was also an opportunity for Pascal to further familiarize himself with ERDO’s work and partners in Haiti.

Thanks to the flood of donations that poured in in the aftermath of the January 2010 disaster that destroyed Port-au-Prince and the surrounding communities, Canadians who donated through ERDO have invested over $2 million in aid and development in Haiti. That investment sponsored:
• Food and medical relief
• Building of new houses for victims of the earthquake
• Economic stimulation through the creation of co-operatives
• Strengthening and rebuilding of infrastructure such as water wells and cisterns
• Ongoing food assistance programs

Through such activities, ERDO has joined the efforts of the local population as well as other nations and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) that continue to work tirelessly to strengthen the country. More importantly, the Canadian church has carved itself a place in the hearts of the communities that have been touched by its generosity.

Much remains to be done in Haiti. With your involvement, we are happy to help carry this collective effort forward. Thank you to our friends who came alongside us in 2013 and have made our vision a reality. We are grateful for your encouragement and trust.”—Pascal and Caroline Bergeron

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