Inspiring Tuesday: Easing into Evangelism

Are you intimidated by the thought of evangelizing? If so, remember that there is no set formula for sharing your faith, and that as we grow in God, He empowers us in our discipleship efforts. By placing our trust in Him we gain the courage to answer His call. Even so, here are some practical tips to help you find new opportunities to share:

Look around you

Easing into evangelismMaybe how we treat those around us gives greater testimony of our faith than anything we could say. If you’re finding it difficult to articulate your faith, start by noticing the people you see each day. First, who do you see every day? Or, better yet, who’s there that you don’t see? Is there anyone in your workplace or school that you haven’t ever connected with? Why not make the effort to spend a few minutes with them this week? After all, we cannot hope to bring His light into someone’s life without knowing anything about them.

You don’t need to have all of the answers

…although a little research might help! The fear that someone might ask us a question we can’t answer well, while valid, often prohibits us from using the knowledge we do have. If you try this in a non-hostile environment, it’s actually a great opportunity to learn about your own beliefs and articulate your worldview. It’s important to know why you believe what you believe, and why it’s worth sharing.

It’s also worthwhile to remember that there will never come a time when we’re “perfect enough” to be used by God. Throughout the Bible there are stories of God using imperfect (and often quite limited) people to do His work. All He really requires of us is a heart that’s willing to obey Him and trust Him to do the rest of the work inside the hearts of each person we talk to.

For more help in this area, check out some apologetics resources available online.

Start a conversation

It might be helpful to start with our significant relationships—our family members and friends, the ones we love most. Get to know your friends by taking an interest in their spiritual lives. Just because you haven’t ever talked with a certain person about faith or spirituality doesn’t mean that you can’t approach the subject in a future conversation.

It may not look like it from the outside, but many people are yearning to hear the truth and foster deep connections with people that can be loving and genuine with them. That’s how we were created—we all inherently crave a connection with the One who created us. As existing believers, our job is to help foster this connection. What an amazing opportunity! If we each intentionally open the door to having these types of conversations with loved ones, we can make a great impact for the Kingdom by bringing those around us back to God.

Remember that sharing your faith gets easier the more often you do it—which makes right now the best time to start!share214

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