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Inspiring Tuesday: Loving God, Loving People

Are the stresses and struggles of life impacting the way you communicate or demonstrate love for your family or friends? Are they diminishing the love you may sense you ought to have for your neighbours, even those you may not know very well? The depth and intensity of our love for others is deepest when […]

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Gift book

Brand New PAOC Gift Book

HIS WITNESSES: Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World.  The PAOC is releasing a new Gift Book in January 2013 for all credential holders. His Witnesses: Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World is the fifth in our series of books that address the core values we share as the Pentecostal family in Canada. It  focuses on […]

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My Hope with Billy Graham

The average Canadian has about 40 close acquaintances, co-workers, and friends. Can you imagine what God will do in our communities and nation if we fervently pray and join His people all across Canada for a massive—yet personal—evangelistic outreach? That’s the vision behind My Hope with Billy Graham. Through a nationwide effort to share Christ […]

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Abnormal — The New Normal for Christ Followers

As we share our lives with those around us each day, we must consider the “we” or the “me” others are really seeing.  Does our life reflect Christ’s character? Do our words and actions line up with what we read in scripture?   University student, Emese Sykes, gives us a great perspective to consider, along with […]

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A Reproduction Examination

  Investing into others takes time.  It takes energy.  It takes intentionality. It may mean changing an already-set schedule, or doing something in a different way.  Yet, when God chooses to change up our plans and we respond willingly to a new course of action, His purposes can be accomplished. The last thing Jesus commissioned […]

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