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Darcy and Leanne McAlister are Personnel & Family Life Directors for International Missions here at the PAOC.

Two of the people they work with are Dhruv & Rita Prasad, working at the Trinity Theological College in Bokaro, India.

166The Prasads are an Indian couple from Bokaro, a city in Northern India dominated by the steel industry. They are national workers working in partnership with the PAOC to run a self-financing, fully accredited school that provides a strong Christian influence in the lives and homes of hundreds of Hindu students. The school offers education to over 1,700 students from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12.

Among the latest addition to the existing ministry is a Bible college—called Trinity Theological College, which is aimed at training and equipping young men and women in parts of Eastern India to preach the Word of God and be involved in church planting.

In July 2013 Trinity Theological College celebrated its 8th anniversary. In celebration of this accomplishment, Dhruv and Rita are making sure to go out of their way to rejoice in the Lord, worship Him and thank Him for all He is doing in Bokaro Steel City.

In 2005, Dhurv and Rita prayerfully took a leap of faith and started the Trinity Theological College. When they first started, they only had four students enrolled and none of them knew the English alphabet. It was a great challenge for them to teach the students and prepare them for the Lord’s work; however, God gave them patience.

In 2008, they enrolled female students in the Bible college for the first time.

Presently, there are 24 students spread across all three years of the program—three in the third year, 12 in the second year and nine in the first year. Most of the first year students are first generation Christians who have submitted their lives to the call of God on their lives and have taken an unpopular stand by choosing to serve the living God. It is a huge encouragement to have nine young students—six boys and three girls—to have joined the program as first year students. It is also a delight to once again welcome the returning students.

Darcy and Leanne ask that you would continue to pray for Dhruv and Rita, their ministry, and for the young students in Bible college. Please pray that, despite the hardships they face at personal levels, they would remain committed to the call of Christ on their lives.

To learn more about Darcy and Leanne and their work, click here. To learn more about Dhruv and Rita and Trinity Theological College, click here. 


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