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Rehab Centre for Women: an Answer to Prayer

Gary and Kathy Heinrichs made their first trip to Mexico in 2002, and fell in love with the country, the culture and most of all, the Mexican people. They have been serving in San Felipe, Baja California Mexico for one year, building relationships with the local Mexican Pastors. They have also been involved in evangelistic […]

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Dream Big

Inspiring Tuesday: A Future and a Hope

A recent issue of a well-known magazine featured a cover story on why smart, ambitious and educated young people “have no future.” Messages like those are a reminder to us as believers of the importance of knowing God’s Word and His view on our circumstances—and on what we can expect in the days, months and […]

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“Lead Us Not Into Temptation”: Praying For Holiness

By James T. Bradford “I can resist everything except temptation,” confessed Oscar Wilde. We smile as we wince. With the simple prayer, “Lead us not into temptation,” Jesus reminds us of what every human being knows all too well. Temptation is everywhere and we are all vulnerable. Often resistance seems futile and willpower feels inadequate. […]

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Turning the Tide

Inspiring Tuesday: Turning the Tide

Bullying. The word can spark a wide range of thoughts and emotions in the hearts of minds of those who hear it. Many of us have either experienced or witnessed the painful consequences of bullying, which can manifest itself in many ways and with various degrees of intensity. The emotional and psychological impact of teasing, […]

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What does God want to change?

Ilya and Janet Bantseev are PAOC missionaries serving in Siberia. This year, Darcy and Leanne McAlister travelled from British Columbia to teach at a youth conference at their church. The theme of the three-day conference was; what does God want to change in our relationship with Him? What does God want to change in our […]

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Children standing outside school bus

Inspiring Tuesday: Worth Praying For

There are so many false messages being communicated to our children. But God’s Word, and His message, is timeless—and will stand firm forever. In spite of the tremendous obstacles to cultivating faith in our children, the power of prayer over their lives is far greater. Let’s pray this April that His commands will take root […]

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